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I cannot use language X

Posted on October 27, 2011

I often hear people complain to me that they cannot use some superior programming language in their environment. Is it the right programming language to use? You sure? Great, now toughen up and use it.

You’re being told that you cannot? What is the reason given? Because “blah blah fucking said so blah blah.” There’s your problem – you subscribe to the illusion of authority and attribute it to the claimant. Abandon the illusion. No; actually abandon it to the extent of total non-existence. “Yeah but blah blah blah…” – I totally didn’t hear what you just said, intentionally. The consequences are not what you think they are.

“Oh but how come you get to use Haskell in your job?” Because I refuse to be bullied by fools proclaiming their authority with disregard for the common goal of getting the job done. Don’t give them the leverage – by way of believing it even exists – it doesn’t. I use whatever is appropriate and Haskell is often appropriate. It’s as simple as that.

HTFU and just do it properly. Unicorns do not exist. Deal with it accordingly. HTH.